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Discover how we are driving the future of mobile marketing while bringing an honest, transparent, and affordable solution to every organization we partner with.

Geofence Media is bringing the digital marketing ecosystem closer together by building the most innovative solutions and connecting marketers with the best possible products for their unique needs. Since the beginning we've done things differently, and we believe there is a need for a marketing technology that is transparent, unbiased, and affordable.

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Transparent, honest, and the hardest working partner you've ever had

These are the qualities we live by. Founded with the insatiable desire to build new things that change the way marketing is done on mobile and digital. We always ask why and we never stop improving. We believe every customer deserves an awesome team, world class support and unmatched enthusiasm every step of the way.

What makes us different?

We're leading the market to a new approach - helping our partners think differently about digital marketing. It's not about single, stand-alone solutions - delivering true value requires a strategic perspective, and integrated services that work in harmony to engage new customers at every step of their journey.

A Better Approach to Digital Marketing

Geofence Media is a digital advertising agency that helps companies of all sizes connect with audiences based on their geographic location.


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