Geofencing has transformed how businesses reach trade show & event attendees

Event Targeting Across Channels

Promote your booth, product, or service - reach attendees on the same apps and websites they use every day.

Social Media

(Over 70% of U.S Internet Users)

In-App and Mobile Web

Access to Premium Publishers and hundreds of comScore 1000 Websites

How Geofencing Works...


We build a digital perimeter, or "Geofence"

Based on the event's location, our team builds a digital perimeter around the area of the event.


Tag smartphones that enter the area.

When devices enter the geofenced area and access the Internet, they are "tagged'. and assigned a device ID.


Start serving mobile ads.

When devices that are "tagged" access websites or applications that offer advertising, we serve your ad in real-time.


Optimize, convert, and measure.

Our platform allows for creative changes after the event, landing page updates, and remarketing to target the most engaged prospects


Insights and reporting, every step of the way.

We provide a live online dashboard that updates in real-time, along with daily PDF reporting via email.

Deep reach via Premium Ad Exchange & Network Partners

Audience Partners

Data Providers

Compelling, event-relevant creative

Provide your own creative or use our in-house designers to create eye-catching ads that stand out!

Some of the awesome brands we've worked with

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